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Sri Lankan Navy occupation leaves displaced Karainagar residents fearing cancellation of housing scheme

The Sri Lankan Navy's continued occupation of civilian's lands has left residents of a Jaffna village fearing they will lose out on an India-funded housing scheme.

Madathu Valavu in Karainagar was formerly a model village housing 44 families, before the homes were destroyed in the war.

Following the announcement of Indian government funding to build houses on the island, local authorities informed displaced residents of Madathu Valathu that their village would be receiving the 24 houses allocated to Jaffna district.

However the Sri Lankan Navy, which occupies around 126 acres of land under which 6 acres forms Madathu Valavu has made no moves to release the land for residential use.

"The people are preparing to return to their village," a resident said, "but instead of returning the lands and withdrawing, the navy are putting up barbed wires on them."

The Madathu Valavu residents fear that if construction does not start soon the housing scheme funding will be redirected to other areas.