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Sri Lankan diaspora group says OMP was set up to appease LTTE supporters

The Sri Lankan diaspora group, GSLF Australia, condemned the government's decision to set up the Office of Missing Persons (OMP), saying it was set up to appease LTTE supporters. 

In a letter to the Sri Lankan president, the GSLF spokesperson, urged politicians to lodge their protest against the commencement of the OMP. 

"One of the most disgusting features of the OMP is its definition of the Missing Persons when it refers to 'missing in the course of conflict which took place in the Northern and Eastern Provinces'. It is very clear that the OMP was set up to please the LTTE supporters and the fee-paying NGOs and activists by focusing attention only on the Northern and Eastern provinces in Sri Lanka whereas the issue of missing persons can be applied to the entire island from the 1970s," the letter read. 

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