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Sri Lankan commander attacks Tamil diaspora for 'distorted, malicious and untrue information'

The head of Sri Lanka’s army has attacked the Tamil diaspora for criticising the military, stating that they have been supplying “distorted, malicious and untrue information”.

Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army was speaking at an event to inaugurate the military’s Directorate for Overseas Operations in Colombo, when he told reporters that "various anti-Sri Lanka Army groups, including the diaspora keep pressure on international organizations supplying them with distorted, malicious and untrue information of different nature and some of those agencies continue to deter our progress by doing so”.

Kapila Waidyaratne, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, also addressed the event, with an official website reporting the secretary as “brushing aside certain accusations” about the military. “He said that it's only a myth and that he is certain that the UN and the others will refute it,” reported the MoD website.

An official army website went on to praise the Sri Lankan military’s role as peacekeepers, stating “the role played by Sri Lankan troops in Haiti to bring normalcy to the country gradually endorsed the Sri Lankan foot print permanently as successful and effective peacekeepers”. 

At least 100 members of Sri Lanka’s peacekeeping mission were implicated in a child sex abuse ring in Haiti whilst being deployed in Haiti.

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