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ITJP submits 17 page report implicating member of Sri Lanka's delegation to UN Committee Against Torture

The International Truth and Justice Project has submitted a memo to the United Nations Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) implicating Sri Lanka’s former Deputy in Charge (DIG) of the Terrorism Investigation Department (TID)  Sisira Mendis, with responsibility in failing to prevent torture and hold perpetrators accountable.  
The report submitted whilst Sisira Mendis was present with Sri Lanka's delegation at the UNCAT review of Sri Lanka in Geneva on Tuesday, concluded,
“Mr Mendis in his capacity as the DIG of the CID was in command and control of his subordinates in these units. His officers inflicted severe physical and mental pain and suffering upon many victims, some of whom are mentioned in this document. The victims were clearly under his custody and control as the head of the CID and TID. The pain and suffering experienced by the victims were a direct consequence of the unlawful actions of his subordinates which he allegedly failed to take steps to prevent. In his position as head of the CID and TID he knew or must have known that members of these two units were perpetrating torture and sexual violence amounting to serious international crimes. Mr. Mendis allegedly failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent torture and sexual violence and to ensure that those responsible were held accountable. Mr. Mendis is responsible for the crimes committed by the CID and TID in failing to prevent ongoing torture in order to prevent further crimes and because of his alleged failure to hold accountable those who perpetrated torture and sexual violence once it came to his attention.”
The 17 page submission went on to outline several specific cases which Sisira Mendis, could be held directly accountable for during his tenure at Sri Lanka’s CID.
See full submission here.