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Sri Lankan army destroying unreleased homes in Myliddy and using materials for construction on Thalsevana resort

The Sri Lankan Army is demolishing houses and buildings in unreleased lands in Myliddy and using those materials for further construction on the Thalsevana resort, a  military-run resort built on occupied land in Kankesanthurai, the Vali North resettlement committee has said.

In the majority of cases where Tamil lands have been released from high security zones and general army occupation, the residents have returned to destroyed homes and infrastructure, the committee said.

While the people of Vali North have been displaced for 28 years, the Sri Lankan government or military forces have not made any moves towards returning their lands, instead decimating their villages and profiteering off resorts built on lands seized by force, the committee said.

The aid provided to resettling families to rebuild their homes is also not even close to being sufficient, the committee said, with most families receiving around 8 lakh rupees whereas the cost of rebuilding a house comes in currently at around 30 lakh rupees.