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Sri Lankan army attempts to formally seize occupied land in Mullaitivu

The Sri Lankan army is attempting to appropriate civilian lands in Mullaitivu, over a week after failing to meet a deadline set by the Sri Lankan president to return all occupied land in the North-East.

Owners of land in Alampil, which the Sri Lankan army currently illegally occupies, were notified that their land would be surveyed on January 10.

Either civilian-owned land which is currently occupied by an army camp, or the occupied land of Alampil Thuyilum Illam (LTTE cemetery) would be appropriated for the use of the 24th Sinha Regiment, according to the plans.

While the land is currently illegally occupied, it is likely that following surveys a gazette notification would be issued to declare ownership of the land as resting with the Sri Lankan army.

The affected landowners have expressed fierce opposition to the proposals and have said they will block government surveyors from entering their land.

“The people of Mullaitivu district are determined that not an inch of our land will be handed over for military purposes,” said former Northern Provincial Council members for the district T Ravikaran.