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Spanish Foreign Minister says an independent Scotland should be allowed to join the European Union

Spanish Foreign Minister, Josep Borrel, told reporters that Spain would not impede Scotland’s attempts to join the European Union (EU) if it gained independence from Britain.

The announcement stands in contrast from Spain’s previous position which was to veto Scotland’s attempts to join the EU so as to dissuade Catalonian separatists.

Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has expressed opposition to Theresa May’s Brexit deal and stressed the importance of Scotland staying within the European trading bloc. 

Speaking to Politico on this issue Josep Borell told said:

“If they [Scotland] leave Britain within the accordance of the internal regulations […] "If Westminster agrees, we are not going to be more Papist than the pope. If Westminster agrees why would we be against it?”

He further stated

“I am very much worried about the unity of the United Kingdom than the unity of Spain. I think the United Kingdom will split apart before Spain. That is a clear sign of the United Kingdom’s weakness.”