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SNP MP states independence is 'the only option'

Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) MP Ian Blackford called for independence earlier this month, calling on Westminster to “show respect for Scotland”.

“Scotland voted to remain in the EU,” Blackford tweeted.

“Our rights as EU citizens and rights to free movement throughout the EU must not be taken away. Westminster has to show respect for Scotland and our sovereign rights as defined by the claim of right. Ultimately independence the only option”.

This followed an earlier confirmation by the UK and 27 EU nations on the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration. During the conference EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier stressed that the deal was “fair and balanced” and they had “worked constructively with the UK” and “never against the UK”. Jean-Claude Juncker, similarly stated that it was a “good deal” despite Brexit being “a sad moment for the European Union” and Britain.

Despite facing an onset of criticism from Scotland, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has attempted to reassure the public that her negotiations will not ignore the will of the Scottish people.

Responding to questions on Scotland’s membership in the EU May told her BBC audience,

"We joined the EU as the United Kingdom and we will leave the EU as the United Kingdom. That’s why it was right to take the view that came across the whole of the country and that overall view was to leave the EU.”

SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared her intentions to hold a second referendum in the “not too distant future” whilst many members are already calling for this referendum.

Speaking on Andrew Marr’s BBC show earlier this month Sturgeon said,

“I will come forward with my views on what I think on the appropriate next steps for Scotland specifically in the not too distant future, but I think it’s reasonable to allow the dust to settle. We could be facing another General Election, we could be facing another Brexit vote”.

She further stated,

“One thing is beyond any doubt – the implications, the consequences of Scotland not being in independent have been very stark in the last few months, and particularly in the last week.”

SNP MP Philippa Whitford went further writing in times that a vote on independence could be the “mechanisms by which Scotland’s lifeboat can be launched to escape this Brexit bourach,” needed to be considered.

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