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Protest in Mullaitivu as army attempts to formally seize land

Residents in Alampil, Mullaitivu protested today against the Sri Lankan army's attempt to survey land in the area, including land on which the Alampil Thuyilum Illam (LTTE cemetery) is sited. 

Though the Sri Lankan military is already illegally occupying the area, land owners fear the survey will lead to the formal transfer of the land to the military. 

Military personnel watched closely as the protesting residents were joined by parents of Maaveerar (fallen LTTE cadre) and the MP Shanthi Sriskantharajah as well as the former Northern Provincial Council member, T Ravikaran. 

Land owners were warned earlier this week that a survey would take place today. 

“The people of Mullaitivu district are determined that not an inch of our land will be handed over for military purposes,” Ravikaran said previously.