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Pakistani PM warns of nuclear war with India

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan warned of a “nightmare scenario” with India as tensions continue between the nuclear-armed neighbours continue over Kashmir.

“My main reason for coming here was to meet world leaders at the UN and speak about this,” Khan told journalists at the general assembly in New York. “We are heading for a potential disaster of proportions that no one here realises... It is the only time since the Cuban crisis that two nuclear-armed countries are coming face to face. We did come to face to face in February.”

Khan went on to call his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi a “fascist” as he went on to criticise the lockdown in Kashmir.

“They’ll come out on the streets. What happens then?” he added. “I fear there will be a massacre and things will start to go out of control.”

“I have tried my best,” Khan continued. “What options do we have? What do we do? Do we just wait for this nightmare scenario to unfold and hope that nothing happens.”

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