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Minister calls on asylum-seekers to return to 'torture free' Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Minister of National Co-existence told Australian media that it was safe for people seeking asylum in other countries to return to Sri Lanka.

Speaking to the SBS Australian media outlet during a visit to the Australia, Mr Manoharan Ganeshan said “If anyone has broken any law, they may be questioned about it. But, they will not be taken to torture camps.”

His statements come as reports of torture in Sri Lanka continue to be documented well into Maithripala Sirisena’s governance.

Speaking to SBS, Dr Sam Pari, spokesperson of the Australian Tamil Congress, said,

“There is evidence that torture and arrests continue in Sri Lanka, even after the new government has taken office, with the International Truth and Justice Project alone documenting at laest 36 cases fo Tamils being tortured.”

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