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Militarisation of Tamil schoolchildren continues in Jaffna

The Sri Lankan army continued its much criticised militarisation projects with Tamil schoolchildren in Jaffna earlier this year, as it organised a science and technology “innovation” exhibit, with dozens of schoolchildren in attendance.

The exhibition, which was opened by Sinhala Kandyan dancers and garlanded military officials, saw Sri Lankan soldiers display projects to Tamil schoolchildren. The soldiers were awarded prizes for their projects.

Held at the Veerasingam hall in Jaffna, the project is the latest in a series of events conducted by the military involving Tamil schoolchildren. The intense militarisation of Tamil areas sees Sri Lankan troops continually involved in civilian activities, despite pledges from government leaders that the North-East will be demilitarised.

The event comes after also earlier this year, Sri Lanka's army commander in the region, Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi, also told Tamil youths to join the military.