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Iraqi parliament recognises past persecution of Kurds as genocide

Extracts from niqash.org (see the full text here):

"At the beginning of this month the Iraqi parliament voted to recognize what had been done to the Fayli Kurds under former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as genocide. From 1980 onwards, the ethnic minority was horribly persecuted by Hussein’s regime.

The Fayli Kurds, who are an ethnic subgroup of Kurds and mostly Shiite Muslims, were subjected to all kinds of hardships under Hussein’s Sunni Muslim dominated government: imprisonment, torture, rape and deportation among them.

The recognition that genocide was committed has given the Fayli Kurds hope that they might be compensated for property which was confiscated from them and that they might regain their citizenship." The Fayli Kurds are among several minorities persecuted by Hussein’s regime and they often claim they are the forgotten victims, the last to receive justice."