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Indian diplomat harangues Tamil media to downplay IPKF atrocities says TNA MP

The Consulate General of India in Jaffna persistently harangues Tamil media and politicians to downplay Indian Peacekeeping Force (IPKF) atrocities in Sri Lanka, a TNA MP has said.

Speaking at the memorial for the two murdered Uthayan journalists, E. Saranapavan MP who is also the founder of the Uthayan newspaper, said that the Consulate General, R Nadarajan, constantly demands that they refrain from calling the Jaffna hospital massacre as a ‘massacre’ and to stop holding memorials for the victims.

Mr Saravanapavan was referring to the 1987 massacre by the IPKF of staff and patients in the Jaffna Teaching Hospital in which 68 were killed through shell, grenade and gunfire attacks.

The parliamentarian said that the Consulate General was overstepping his position and trying to interfere with the media, stating that Mr Nadarajan’s position was purely symbolic and held no authority.

He also claimed that the India visa office was populated by staff who are all Indian intelligence agents.