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Hundreds of STF troops and police deployed in Thunnalai crackdown

Over 200 Special Task Force troops and police officers have been deployed to the Vadamaradchi town of Thunnalai, resulting in two arrests and the seizure of several vehicles.

Last month a Tamil man from Thunnalai was shot and killed by Sri Lankan police, resulting in protests and tensions boiling over between locals and police across the Vadamaradchi region.

A police crackdown in the region last week resulted in 13 arrests, citing violent infractions during protests.

This morning’s search and round-ups by mostly heavily armed security force personnel have so far seen two arrests as well as the seizure of 11 motorcycles and 4 canter vehicles.

Local sources reported that the operation had sparked fear and anxiety among villagers, noting that the size of the operation was comparable to war-time military numbers.