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Former LTTE cadre to be deported from Australia despite UN call

The Tamil Refugee Council has spoken out against the Australian government’s decision to deport a former LTTE cadre to Sri Lanka, stating that it “puts at risk his safety and possibly his life”.

The move to deport the Tamil asylum seeker named as Shantaruban comes despite the UN committee against torture issuing an interim measure request last year, formally asking that Australia “refrain from returning [Shantaruban] to the Republic of Sri Lanka while his complaint is under consideration”.

“Members and suspected former members of the LTTE continue to be disappeared, detained, tortured and harassed by the Sri Lankan security forces”, said Aran Mylvaganam, Tamil Refugee Council spokesperson, speaking on the case. “This notice ignores the reality facing returning Tamils and, if acted on, would place Shantharuban in significant danger”.

The deportation order issued Shantaruban by the Australian Border Force says he will be deported on 22 February.

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