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British parliamentary group for Tamils calls for UN investigation into ongoing torture, questions British aid to Sri Lanka

The Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, MP Paul Scully called on UN Human Rights chief to launch an investigation into the most recent reports of torture in Sri Lanka.

“The investigations by the Associated Press once again highlights the gravity and scale of continuing human rights abuses against Tamils on the island,” said the British MP.

In a statement released Monday, Mr Scully questioned the British government’s spending on security sector reform in Sri Lanka, stating,

“We are concerned these reports come after the UK government granted £6.6 million to Sri Lanka for Security Sector Reform, The report questions the effectiveness of such contributions.”

Calling for a UN backed investigation into ongoing torture, he said,

“We call on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to launch an investigation into these cases without delay and report back to the Human rights Council in its March 2018 session on their findings and take action to stop the ongoing violations immediately.”

See full statement here.