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Final preparations ahead of Maaveerar Naal events today

Theeruvil, Vadamarachchi 

Final preparations were underway this morning at Thuyilum Illams and memorial sites across the North-East ahead of commemorative events marking Tamil National Remembrance Day (Maaveerar Naal) today. 

Events in Theeruvil, Vadamarachchi are taking place at the site of a former memorial for Colonel Kittu and Lt. Colonel Kumarappa which has been decorated over recent days. The LTTE resting home (Thuyilum Illam) at Theeruvil remains under Sri Lankan military occupation. 


Kandalady, Vakarai Thuyilum Illam 


Kanagapuram Thuyilam Illam, Kilinochchi


Paasaiyoor, Jaffna 


Jaffna Hindu College, Jaffna 


Mallavi town centre, Vanni, Mullaitivu district


Nallur, Jaffna