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Court rejects Sri Lankan police attempts to throw protesters out of Keppapulavu

The Mullaitivu court rejected an application by Sri Lankan police to prohibit Tamil protestors from protesting anywhere within the army-occupied village of Keppapulavu.

On January 28, residents of Keppapulavu intensified their campaign to have their lands released from Sri Lankan army occupation, getting as close to the camp and their lands as possible while military personnel and police were deployed to hold them back.

A court ordered that the protesters must keep at least 75 metres away from the army camp entrance, to which the protestors responded by measuring and setting up exactly 75 metres away.

Sri Lankan police continued to pursue court action against the protestors, applying to the court to order the families to take their protest outside of Keppapulavu which the army occupies entirely.

Police applied for the order on the grounds that the protesters being visible from the army camp would provoke and anger soldiers.

However on January 31, the Mullaitivu magistrates court judge rejected the application and upheld that the protesters could demonstrate 75 metres away from the army camp, as previously ruled.