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Burundi rejects ICC probe

The government of Burundi on Friday rejects the International Criminal Court's proposed investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by state forces from 2015 - 2017 against opposition supporters. 

“The government of Burundi heard a rumor through international media reports that ICC has given authorization to its prosecutor to start an investigation on Burundi,” the country's justice minister, Aimee Laurentine Kanyana was quoted by Reuters as saying. 

“The government rejects that decision and reiterates its firm determination that it will not cooperate with ICC or any other fraudulent manipulation intending to... extend mandate of the ICC on the Burundi territory.” 

In October Burundi formally removed itself from the ICC, however judges have said that the ICC continues to have jurisdiction over any atrocities committed until that point when the country was a member. 

The opposition have welcomed the ICC's decision to investigate.