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Sri Lankan soldiers distribute drinking water in Jaffna

Amid increasing criticism of Sri Lankan military involvement in civilian life in the North-East, the Sri Lankan army undertook a project to distribute drinking water in Jaffna last month.

On the 26th of September, a military tanker drove around Navatkuli and Kovilkandi in the Jaffna peninsula, to distribute water in the region. Uniformed troops also filled up water storage tanks from army bowsers.

The latest move by the military comes following the release of a report by Adayaalam Centre for Policy Research and People for Equality and Relief in Lanka (PEARL) which highlighted the normalization of the disproportionate military presence in the North-East.

There have been repeated calls from Tamil politicians and civil society organisations for the military to cease its involvement in civil activities and to demilitarise the North-East. The ACPR/PEARL report concluded that the Sri Lankan military presence "has become so engrained in the Tamil conscience that it has normalised this abnormal occupation".