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Dozens of skulls found at Bosnian mass grave site

At least 86 skulls have been uncovered by forensic experts in Bosnia last week as they exhumed the site of a mass grave.

Forensic experts found the skulls alongside other body parts in Mount Vlasic, reports Reuters. Serbian security forces summarily executed dozens of Bosnian Muslim and Croat prisoners at the site on 21 August 1992. Survivors told of how they were lined up at the edge of the ravine before being shot.

“We hope that the search for the victims of this massacre has completed today,” said Lejla Cengic from the Missing Persons Institute.

A war crimes court based at The Hague jailed former Bosnian Serb policeman Darko Mrdja for 17 years for the massacre, with 11 others sentenced by the Bosnian war crimes court.

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