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China calls on BRICS to seek more 'just' international order

China's president, Xi Jingping on Tuesday called on fellow BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa to push for a more "just" international order by ensuring greater representation of developing countries within international bodies. 

“BRICS countries should push for a more just and reasonable international order,” Mr Xi Jinping told a BRICS conference, Reuters reported. 

“We should work together to address global challenges," he added. 

Meeting with his Indian counterpart at the BRICS summit of emerging economies, Mr Jinping also sought to mend ties between the two countries, after tensions escalated over a stand-off at the Doklam border area. 

“China is willing to work with India ... to increase political trust, advance mutually beneficial cooperation and promote the further development of China-India relations along the correct path,” he said. 

“China and India must maintain the fundamental determination that each other constitute mutual development opportunities and do not constitute a mutual threat,” he added.