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Jeyakumary summoned by Sri Lanka's TID again

Tamil disappearances campaigner Balendran Jeyakumary has been called in for yet another inquiry by Sri Lanka’s Terrorist Investigation Division (TID), following an interrogation by authorities this week.

Ms Jeyakumary was summoned to appear before the TID in Colombo on the 16th of August, where she was questioned for several hours.

She did not want to speak to reporters about the questioning, citing fears regarding her safety. The campaigner must now appear once more before Sri Lankan authorities on the 19th of August.

Ms Jeyakumary who campaigned since the end of the armed conflict against enforced disappearances, was arrested and detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act in 2015 in the run up to the UN Human Rights Council passing a resolution on Sri Lanka calling for accountability. 

She was held for 362 days before being released and then later re-arrested and detained for a further 6 days. She remains under investigation despite no charges being brought against her.