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Disappearances campaigner Jeyakumary released on bail

Tamil disappearances activist Balendran Jeyakumary has been released on bail by a Sri Lankan court on Wednesday, despite objections by the police force.

Ms Jeyakumary was detained last week after being summoned to Kebithgollawa courts following the issue of an arrest warrant. The court subsequently remanded her as she did not have two sureties and the police objected to her bail application, according to campaigners.

The activist was arrested in relation to a case regarding the theft of two mine detectors, which will be heard on September 16.

Despite having reported to a local police station in Kilinochchi every month since May, the police had not informed her about the pending case.

Both Ms Jeyakumary and her teenage daughter Vipoosika were detained on March 13 2014, by Sri Lanka’s anti-terror police under the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), with Vipoosika released soon after.

Ms Jeyakumary was eventually released on bail in March this year, with a Rs. 200,000 surety bail and instructed that she must sign in to a police station every month. She is also subject to a travel ban, with her passport having been confiscated by Sri Lankan authorities.

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