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Karunanidhi urges Modi not to support Sri Lanka's domestic inquiry

The DMK president M Karunanidhi urged the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi not to support a revised resolution at the upcoming UN Human Rights Council endorsing a domestic inquiry into the mass killing of tens of thousands of Tamils at the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka in 2009.

"It is widely reported in the press that the USA is going to bring in a totally revised resolution seeking a domestic inquiry into alleged war crimes and human rights violations during the peak of civil war in 2009," Mr Karunanidhi said in a letter to Mr Modi, reported PTI.

"We and the diaspora Tamils are opposed to this sinister move. History will not forgive if India yields to this crafty design," Karunanidhi added.

Also urging a referendum for Tamils on the political question, Mr Karunanidhi said his party "firmly believe that this political solution of the choice of the Tamils will alone put an end once and for all to the problems of Sri Lankan Tamils".

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