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Tamil youth wins 2014 Dalton Young Researchers Award

Photograph MIT

Kogularamanan Suntharalingam, a young Tamil academic from London, has been awarded the 2014 Dalton Young Researchers Award in Chemistry by the Royal Society for Chemistry for his contribution to the design, development and understanding of new metallo-pharmaceuticals.

Kogularamanan, known as Rama, currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US.

"In the near future I hope to return to the UK as an assistant professor," Rama told the Tamil Guardian via email from the US. He received a first class MSci and a PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College in London.

Born in Manipay, in Jaffna, Rama came to the UK at around the age of 4 with his family, and grew up in East London.

"I am very proud of my Tamil roots and it is heart warming to see so many talented diaspora Tamils," he said, highlighting the success of diaspora at large. 

"I think the Tamil diaspora is doing wonderfully well in so many fields, from academia to music and dance. I hope through their successes, diaspora Tamils can continue to raise awareness of the plight of Tamils who are unable to have a voice."