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World Bank grants Sri Lanka $56 million despite concerns over human rights

The World Bank is granting Sri Lanka 56 million US dollars to Sri Lanka despite concerns over the country’s human rights record, Sri Lankan Minister Bandula Gunewardene reported.

Minister Gunewardene claims that the money is for several programs to fight against Covid-19. The grant was initially submitted by alleged war criminal and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, in his capacity as Finance Minister.

Approximately, 17 million will be dedicated to regional development programmes; a further 15 million will be dedicated for educational modernisation; an additional 9 million will be dedicated for primary health, and the remaining 15 million dollars is set for the government’s climate change programme.

This grant comes despite international condemnation of the presidential task force, which have been described by the International Commission of Jurists as a “threat to the rule of law”.

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The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice has called on the international community push back against Sri Lanka’s push towards authoritarianism. Whilst encouraging a push back against Sri Lanka’s authoritarianism, Sri Lanka Campaign emphasises the need for forms of development assistance such as emergency support to civilian agencies which can help with the threat of the coronavirus and ensure that ordinary Sri Lankans are not penalised.

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