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Werritty Oddity

Award-winning journalist Allison Pearson writes in her column for The Daily Telegraph on the Fox-Werritty saga:

“It seems that our Defence Secretary hardly dared leave the country without his former flatmate coming along to hold his hand. Mr Werritty, who went on a dizzying 18 foreign trips, enjoyed access to the married minister that neglected Westminster widows can only dream of.

“‘I should not have allowed the impression of wrongdoing to arise,’ weaselled Dr Fox. No, the impression of wrongdoing arose, minister, because you did wrong and went on doing it, which either makes you reckless, arrogant or a fool, or all three. None of these being particularly desirable qualities in the UK’s Secretary of State for Defence.

“We don’t much care if Dr Fox has enjoyed some kind of tortured pash with his personal Winnie the Pooh. His private life is his own affair. But no normal person takes their best friend to work. No normal person would think they could get away with taking their friend to scores of sensitive meetings. Dr Fox has not acted normally. I long to know what the soldiers at the MoD make of him.” 

And Robert Shrimsley, the Managing Editor of FT.com, offers glimpses of what a fly-on-the-wall documentary might reveal. Enjoy here!