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US Senate rules Stalin committed genocide in Ukraine

The United States Senate passed a resolution this week, recognising the Ukraine famine of 1932-33 as a genocide, committed by Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Millions of people were killed in the famine, also known as the Holodomor famine, in which the Soviet regime is thought to have engineered conditions leading to devastating shortages of food.

The Senate "recognizes the findings of the Commission on the Ukraine Famine as submitted to Congress on April 22, 1988, including that...'Stalin and those around him committed genocide against the Ukrainians in 1932–1933,'" said the adopted resolution.

Reacting to the passing, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko hailed the largely symbolic move as "another significant result of strengthening Ukraine-U.S. strategic partnership”.

"We hope that the rest of the world, including the EU, and international organisations, including the United Nations, will do the same," he added.