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US seeks to denaturalise former Bosnian paramilitary accused of war crimes

The United States has filed a denaturalisation complaint against a 51 year old Bosnian man who is accused of committing extrajudicial killings whilst he was a member of a paramilitary group in the former Yugoslavia int he 1990s. 

Eso Razic is accused of killing three people including a wounded prisoner of war, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement. 

“This denaturalization filing demonstrates the U.S. government’s enduring commitment to identify and bring to justice those who have committed human rights violations in any part of the world,” said ICE HSI Deputy Executive Associate Director Derek Benner. 

“The United States will not serve as a safe haven for those who have committed such atrocities and then fled from justice. We will identify, locate, and work to prosecute and/or remove human rights violators in the US regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religious background.”