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US officially recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital

US president Trump on Wednesday formally recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in a move that reversed over seven decades of US foreign policy.

Leaders across the world expressed concern at the US move to recognise the disputed city as the capital of Israel.

The European Union’s top diplomat, Fredrica Mogherini said, “any action that would undermine peace efforts to create two separate states for the Israelis and the Palestinians must be completely avoided.”  

The spokesperson for the UN Secretary Gernreal, Stephen Dujarric, said the UN has “consistently warned against any unilateral action that would have the potential to undermine the two-state solution.”

Germany’s foreign secretary, Sigmar Gabriel, warned that any move to recognise Jerusalem “as the capital of Israel does not calm a conflict, rather it fuels it even more.”

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman also told the US president in a phone call, “that any American announcement regarding the situation of Jerusalem prior to reaching a permanent settlement will harm peace talks and increase tensions in the area.”

Turkish President REcep Tayyip Erdogan, threatningin to cut ties with Israel, said,

“Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims. We implore the US once again:You cannot take this step.”

Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh, called Trumps decision an “uncalculated gamble that will know no limit to the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim reaction,” that put an effective end to the peace process.

He added,

“We call on stopping this decision fully because this will usher in the beginning of a time of terrible transformations, not just on a Palestinian level but on the region as a whole. This decision means the official announcement of the end of the peace process.”

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