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US expresses concern at ongoing abuses by Sri Lankan security forces

The United States today expressed concern at ongoing human rights violations and abuses by Sri Lankan security forces, as well as the targetting of Muslims earlier this month. 

In a statement at the UN Human Rights Council as the Sri Lanka's 3rd review cycle was adopted, the US mission to Geneva said: 

"Although we are pleased with the Government’s support for these recommendations, we are concerned by ongoing reports of human rights violations and abuses by members of the security services, and recent attacks targeting members of religious minority communities.  We urge the government to hold accountable all those responsible for human rights abuses and violations and to protect religious minorities and their places of worship.  We further urge the government to take additional steps to fully implement the commitments it made in HRC resolution 30/1 and reaffirmed in HRC resolution 34/1."

"We look forward to seeing Sri Lanka’s progress on implementing the UPR recommendations accepted by the government over the next five years," the US added. 

Read full statement here