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US discusses accountability measures and targeted sanctions for Myanmar

The United States is discussing accountability measures to hold Myanmar’s military leadership responsible for the ongoing rights violations against the Rohingya community and will consider targeted sanctions.

In a statement released Wednesday, the state department said,

“We express our gravest concern with recent events in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and the violent, traumatic abuses Rohingya and other communities have endured. It is imperative that any individuals or entities responsible for atrocities, including non-state actors and vigilantes be held accountable. We are exploring accountability mechanisms available under U.S. law, including Global Magnitsky targeted sanctions.”

The statement further outlined that discussions about appropriate accountability measures were under way, stating that the US was “consulting with allies and partners on accountability options at the UN, the UN Human Rights Council and other appropriate venues,” reports Reuters.

“We are also pressing for unfettered access for the UN Fact Finding Mission and other UN officials, media, and human rights organizations to this isolated part of Burma,” the statement added.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, last week, said the United States holds Myanmar’s military leadership responsible for its crackdown on the Rohingya Muslim community.