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US calls on Myanmar to allow UN inquiry into war crimes against Rohingya

The United States called on Myanmar's government to allow a UN Human Rights Council established fact-finding mission into the country to investigate war crimes against the Rohingya population. 

Last month, a Myanmar official said the country would not permit entry to UN investigators, Reuters reported. 

The mission was approved by the Council in March, however it has been rejected by the Myanmar's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. 

The US' ambassador to the UN in New York, Nikki Haley, said in a statement, "It is important that the Burmese [Myanmar] government allow this fact-finding mission to do its job."

"The international community cannot overlook what is happening in Burma – we must stand together and call on the government to fully cooperate with this fact-finding mission."

"No one should face discrimination or violence because of their ethnic background or religious beliefs," she added.