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UNHCR reports rise in anti-migrant rhetoric across Europe

The United Nations’ refugee agency warned of a rise in xenophobic rhetoric in Europe, despite migrant arrivals to Europe reaching a four year low in 2018 

The UN High Commission for Refugees said that populist European politicians had been upholding a harsh anti-immigration position despite numbers falling from the highest numbers since World War Two in 2015.

Filippo Grandi, Commissioner General of the UNHRC, added however that even if these politicians do gain power, they will likely be forced to make compromises after European Parliament elections in May.

He warned that though numbers of arrivals had fallen, the number of deaths per attempted crossing of the Mediterranean had risen, with less rescue boats forcing people to take more dangerous routes.

“In the end it is in the interest of everybody, even these (populist) leaders, to find solutions,” he said.

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