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UN Secretary General backs international inquiry in Yemen

UN Secretary Genera Ban Ki Moon has reiterated calls for an international inquiry into a Saudi air strike on a funeral in Yemen that killed at least 140 people.
"Despite mounting crimes by all parties to the conflict, we have yet to see the results of any credible investigations,” said the Secretary General, noting that  "this latest horrific incident demands a full inquiry".
UN Human Rights chief Zeid Al-Hussein also backed calls for an internationally led inquiry into the attack, which took place on the weekend.
"Aerial attacks by the Saudi-led coalition have already caused immense carnage and destroyed much of the country’s medical facilities and other vital civilian infrastructure,” continued Mr Ban. “Excuses ring hollow given the pattern of violence throughout the conflict. Parties cannot hide behind the fog of this war. A man-made catastrophe is unfolding before our eyes.”
The United States, which supports the Saudi-led coalition, said it was reviewing its support in light of the attack, warning that it was not offering a "blank cheque". Official documents obtained by Reuters under the Freedom of Information Act showed that government lawyers warned the US may be liable for supporting war crimes, citing the case of Charles Taylor, who was found guilty of supporting militants in Sierra Leone.
The Houthi opposition, who denounced the attack as an act of genocide, has the backing of Iran, which issued a statement slamming the attack as “a US, Saudi, Israeli joint conspiracy".