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UN approves draft resolution supporting Guam self-determination

A special committee of the United Nations last month, approved a draft resolution calling upon the US to “take into consideration the expressed will of Guam’s Chamorro people. As supported by Guam voters in the referendum of 1987 and as subsequently provided for in Guam law regarding Chamorro self-determination efforts.”  

The draft resolution also calls on the US to “continue to transfer land to the territory’s original landowners, continue to recognise and respect the political rights as well as the cultural and ethnic identity of Guam’s Chamorro people, and continue to take all measures necessary to address the territorial government’s concerns about the question of immigration.”

The draft resolution was approved with a vote of 80 to 9. The nine countries opposing the draft resolution included the US, France, Israel, Iraq, Japan, Malawi, Morocco, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

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