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UK Tamil students honour Mullivaikkal with moving video tribute

Tamil students from City University in London created a video tribute for the Mullivaikkal genocide that occurred in 2009.

The video was posted yesterday to mark the May 18 massacre that was carried out by the Sri Lankan government against Tamils.

The tribute was created by the City University Tamil Society and featured a collage of separate videos from students in their homes. Despite the lockdown restrictions of COVID-19 in the UK, this video served as a reminder of the ways that Tamil diaspora have shown their resistance to still remember. 

‘As a community, we decided to make this video to commemorate the brothers and sisters we have lost and help heal the scars left by the injustice of the Sri Lanka government,” stated City University Tamil Society on their Instagram account. The details of those involved can be found on the City University Tamil society Instagram account (@cityunitamilsoc).

Among the Tamil society members, were dancers, singers, choreographers, musicians, student activists and other members of the UK Tamil diaspora in a riveting homage for the Mullivaikkal Genocide Remembrance Day.