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Turkey, Iran and Iraq to work together on sanctions plan against Kurdistan

Turkey, Iran and Iraq will work together to formulate a sanctions strategy that will halt Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil exports reports the Financial Times.

Speaking after a one day trip to Iran, Turkeys president Tayyip Erdogan said that the three nations would act jointly to place sanctions on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Mr Erdogan added that Turkey would soon close its borders Iraqi Kurdistan, stating,

“If a decision will be made on closing oil taps in the region, that will be made by us. Turkey, Iran and Iraq’s central government will do so together. The northern Iraqi leadership is drunk with the result of the referendum. It’s not aware of what it is doing or what kind of steps its taking.”

Turkey, a Sunni nation and the Shia nation of Iran have often taken conflicting stances over policy in Syria’s civil war, however changing dynamics between Turkey and the US have made them increasingly more aligned, reports the Financial Times.