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Trinco villager reports illegal land occupation Sinhala settler

A Trincomalee villager in Thennamaravaadi this week reported the illegal encroachment of agricultural land by a Sinhala settler. 

Filing a complaint with Pulmoaddai police, Sithamparanathan said that a Sinhala settler was ploughing the land which belonged to him. 

Police have said they will investigate the matter however, local residents expressed doubt. 

"There have been many cases like this and none of them are resolved," one resident told the Tamil Guardian. 

"The Sri Lankan justice system is not able to stop the majority (Sinhala) people encroaching on our lands," he added. 

In a report published earlier this month the US-based advocacy group PEARL (People for Equality and Relief in Lanka) detailed the extent of Sinhalisation of the North-East, using the nearby town of Pulmoaddai as a case study. 

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