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Transition plan to civilian led rule agreed in Burkina Faso

A plan to transition between military rule to a civilian led government in Burkina Faso was agreed on Thursday, by the army, opposition parties, civil society groups and religious leaders.

The transition charter was "unanimously voted" for by all sides, said a spokesperson for the talks.

The military took control of the country with Lt Col Isaac Zida declaring himself head of state, after mass protests forced the president, Blaise Compaore, to resign on October 31.

According to the agreed charter, an interim president will be selected by military, political, civil society and religious leaders. The interim president will then appointed a prime minister, who in turn will form a 25 member government.

Lt Col Zida has pledged to hand over power within days of the formation of a civilian government. 

"Today was the day of compromise," Herve Kam, of the Balai Citoyen civil society group, was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera.

"Both soldiers and civilians agree on a civilian transition. The institutions of the transition will be led by civilians," he added.

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