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TNA constituent members to take action if party fails to secure written agreement with UNF

The Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO), a constituent party of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said that any form of support given to the United National Party (UNP) should be based on a written agreement to address issues concerning Tamils, reports DailyMirror.lk.

Following a meeting on Sunday, TELO, one of the four main constituent parties of the TNA, called for a written agreement based on five central points to be made with the UNP before any further support.

A central committee member of the party, MK Shivajalingam, speaking to the Daily Mirror, said, “we know it is difficult for a minority government to find a solution to the Tamil national question. We are looking for an interim solution at least to begin with. If the TNA supports the UNP, it should be conditional and an agreement needs to be signed. Unless the TNA agrees to this demand of ours we will take our own decision on it separately.”

TELO is currently allocated two parliamentary seats within the TNA.

Senior Tamil National Alliance MP S Sritharan also indicated that he criticised the TNA’s move to officially support the UNF government with a letter to President Sirisena.

Speaking to the Sunday times, Sritharan said, “I asked what written assurance was obtained in advance before extending support to Ranil Wickrememsinghe. I cannot say anything more.”