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TNA condemns attacks on Muslims in Amparai

The Tamil National Alliance on Wednesday condemned attacks on Muslim shops and a mosque by Sinhala mobs in Amparai earlier this week. 

"I strongly condemn the attacks carried out against the Muslim community in Ampara," the TNA leader, R Sampanthan said in a statement. 

"I urge the government to take stern action against the perpetrators of the violence in Ampara and to take adequate meausures to prevent such incidents being repeated in future."

"We have witnessed such incidents in the past and we have experienced the repurcussions of such unacceptable behaviour and actions. I urge the police and the other officials to enforce the law and order impartially," he added. 

Sri Lankan police were deployed to Amparai town following the incident, which came just days after the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa swept the polls in the local government elections. 

During his presidency there were a series of attacks by Sinhala mobs targetting Muslim businesses, homes and mosques.

Despite being electing on a pledge to end impunity, the current unity government has failed to take action to ensure past perpetraters are held to account.