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Thuyilum illam clearing commences in preparation for Maaveerar Naal

Preparations are underway in the North-East to clear Maaveerar thuyilum illams, LTTE cemeteries, ahead of Maaveerar Naal on November 27.

Last week a local farmer lent his tractor to clear the ground at Theravil thuyilum illam in Visuvamadu. However Sri Lankan soldiers stationed nearby collected the details of all who had come out for the clear-up before they could access the cemetery.

Meanwhile this weekend, a community clear-up was organised by the Tamil National People's Front (TNPF) at Koppay. Although the principal part of the thuyilum illam is occupied by the Sri Lankan army and therefore inaccesible, a patch opposite the army camp has been used in recent years for Maaveerar Naal commemorations.