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Thousands attend funeral of assassinated Hezbollah commander

Thousands attended the funeral today of the assassinated Hezbollah commander, Hassan al-Laqqis, who was shot dead outside his home in Lebanon on Wednesday. The funeral took place in Baalbek, in Eastern Lebanon.

Accusing Israel of the crime, Hezbollah sources have reported that al-Laqqis was shot at close range by a silenced gun.

In a statement, Hezbollah said,

“Around midnight on Tuesday, one of the commanders of resistance, Hassan Al Laqis, was assassinated in front of his house in the Saint Therese district of Hadath, as he returned from work,”

“The direct accusation falls on the enemy Israel,”

"This enemy must shoulder complete responsibility and repercussions for this ugly crime and its repeated targeting of leaders and cadres of the resistance."

Al Manar television, associated with the group, have been broadcasting an image of two bullet marks in a walk and muddy footprints, stating that there were possibly more than one perpetrator.

Israel has denied the accusations.

"Israel has nothing to do with this incident," said Israel's foreign ministry spokesperson, Yigal Palmor. "These automatic accusations are an innate reflex with Hezbollah. They don't need evidence, they don't need facts, they just blame anything on Israel."

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