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Tamils still face genocidal agendas says TNA MP

Tamils are still having to deal with the ‘genocidal agendas’ said the Tamil National Alliance MP R Sritharan at a local civil society event in Kilinochchi last week.

Highlighting a prevalence of drug sales in the region, Mr Sritharan said,

“it (the government) has planted poisonous seeds in the community. As a consequence the community is continuing to face cultural calamity.”

Members of the local civil society condemned the impunity in which local police allowed drug dealers to work with in the area.

One member of the meeting said that there had been several instances where the details of informants providing details of local drug dealers to the police where leaked back to local gangs.

One local resident at the meeting said,

“We know who is responsible for these crimes but we are now afraid to speak up as we have no faith in the police.”

The TNA MP was speaking at a local civil society event organised by a Jaffna University Student Kokilraj and the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi (ITAK) Kilinochchi youth leader Suren.