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Tamil UNP minister pledges to build memorial in Mullivaikkal

The UNP's State Minister of Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheswaran has pledged to build a memorial hall in Mullivaikkal, despite government opposition to public Tamil remembrance of the war dead.

“In remembrance of the 100,00 people who were massacred in the war, a memorial hall will be constructed at Mullivaikal with the support of Northern Provincial Council. I will accomplish this within the next five years.” the Tamil MP for Jaffna said.

“Nobody can oppose the construction of the memorial hall in remembrance of our deceased relatives. I do not care, even if I am dismissed.” she added.

Ms Maheswaran said in an interview at a Mullivaikkal memorial in 2015 that a memorial hall will be constructed, and was reminded of her statement by reporters.

“We have lost thousands and thousands of our near and dear. We lit lamps and paid homage in their remembrance. By then, we vowed to construct a memorial hall this year. However, we could not accomplish it this year. However, we will certainly erect a memorial pillar over there.

“As the area comes under the jurisdiction of Northern Provincial Council, we will get this done through the council and there is no doubt about it.” the MP asserted.

"Even this year, I will participate in the Mullivaikal commemoration day and pay homage. Let the consequences be whatever they may be, I am least worried. The deceased are our relatives. The government would not prohibit us from paying homage and lighting lamps in their remembrance", she said.

The minister's husband, also a UNP MP, was assassinated by pro-government militia in 2008.