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Tamil Nadu CM condemns Sri Lanka's 'unwarranted display of military might'

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi K Palaniswami on Tuesday condemned what he described as the Sri Lankan navy's "unwarranted display of military might against poor innocent Indian fishermen" as "unacceptable". 

In his latest letter to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr Palaniswami urged that the matter be taken up with the Sri Lankan government. 

"I wish to bring your kind attention to yet another instance of high-handedness of Sri Lankan Navy against the Indian fishermen pursuing their peaceful fishing operations in their traditional Palk Bay fishing waters. In a series of incidents that occurred on the night of 7.8.2017, the Sri Lankan Navy terrorized our fishermen by ramming their boats with armoured Naval vessels and en masse arrested 49 fishermen in 12 fishing boats," he was quoted by ANI as saying. 

"I sincerely urge you to take up this matter personally with the highest authorities in Sri Lanka to register our strongest disapproval of the mis-adventure of the Sri Lankan Navy in the mid-seas gravely endangering the lives of our fishermen."