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Tamil Nadu activists speak out: Loyola College Students

As part of our series - 'Tamil Nadu activists speak out' - on the growing activism in Tamil Nadu on the Eelam Tamil issue, Tamil Guardian caught up with leading activists across the state.

This week, we publish our interview with students from Loyola College in Chennai.

Students from Loyola College in Tamil Nadu remained steadfast in their call for a complete boycott of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo by the international community, and continued to call for Sri Lanka to be suspended from the Commonwealth.

In an interview from Chennai, Joe Britto from Loyola College said to the Tamil Guardian,

"We, the students of Tamil Nadu, we strictly condemn that - that conference shouldn't be happening in Sri Lanka, and we will protest on the streets, and we will raise our voice against the Sri Lankan Commonwealth conference."

"There is only one resolution for our Tamil people, that should be a free Tamil Eelam, only."

"We, the students, we are ready to do anything, so it should not happen - the Commonwealth conference in Sri Lanka. We request all our Tamil students living in Canada, living in the UK, living in Norway, anywhere Tamil students are, they should not allow the Commonwealth conference to happen in Sri Lanka."

The Loyola students were speaking from Chennai, where they started a hunger strike calling for a international independent investigation into genocide in March 2013, in a move that sparked mass student protests across Tamil Nadu.